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Sunday + Monday + Tuesday: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Looking for an afternoon snack? Stop by for a bag of freshly popped popcorn - sponsored by En-soi. 

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En-Soi was born with a simple philosophy of being a  “Specialty Store Only” brand which also leads us to offer our beautiful designs as private labels with the same order minimums. We have been servicing the better men’s stores around the nation for the last 3 seasons and we are growing slowly but surely amongst the specialty stores and boutiques.. 

Our collections are designed by a respected designer from Italy, Gian Carlo Rossi, and we do show collections for both men&women. The skins we use for our outerwears are from Spain, Italy, France and the UK.

Although Gian Carlo’s designs have mostly European flares, he also designs with our US Market on mind. Some of our designs weigh only 14 ounces and we also offer the lightest shearlings in  the world. We have made a name for ourselves for 2-4 weeks of turn around time which also helps us for immediate season deliveries.

We are also bringing an exciting shoe collection this season which the designs and make on them have 700 years of history behind them.